Marble Products

We provide comprehensive range of Marble Slabs that includes assorted shapes and sizes. We are identified as one of prominent Marble Slab supplier. Our Marble Slabs are hard and fine grained metamorphosed rocks that can easily polished. The marble slabs offer by us have lustrous look that makes them highly popular in the national market. Our marble slabs are high in strength and are demanded for the construction of interiors and exteriors.

Specification of Marble :

  • Hardness : 3 to 4 on Moh's Scale
  • Density : 2.55 to 2.7 Kg/cm2
  • Compressive Strength : 1800 to 2100 kg/cm2
  • Modulus of Rupture : 12 to 18 N/mm2
  • Water Absorption : Less than 1%
  • Porosity : Quite low
  • Weather impact : Resistant

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